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An aspect of Moksha Magick
meaning to spiritually free,
let go, release, liberate
Blessings there …

What follows are questions and concerns we hear often about Moksha Magick. Though this posting may not answer all your questions, it provides a basic start to understanding the vast depth of Sacred Sexuality that training in Moksha Magick Levels I and II afford.
Moksha Magick literally includes aspects for individuals, and, committed couples, be they monogamous or not. Private training for individuals and committed couples is available. 

Moksha Magick definitely holds a spiritual aspect, but is non-denominational and training need never conflict with a person’s religious tenants or following. Even if one does not define themselves as spiritual, by embracing the sharing involved, one is lifted to a new understanding of life and the Sacredness of their Sexuality.
Q: Is it okay to participate if I’m menstruating, have an insulin pump, or have ____________.

A: Absolutely! A Moksha Session gears everything toward everyone’s comfort and safety. YOU, as a practitioner, have full choice as to how you engage in a ritual. It is a place of loving acceptance to whatever you bring to the table. We do not see people with conditions, but rather people with specific expressions of their Divine Essence in a given moment. A participant could be in a wheel chair … it still works. Simply be you, as you are, and it’s all okay.

Q: Can I participate if I have an STI [STD]?

A: Of course. And yes, it requires exceptional openness and honesty during the facilitation process if you desire to Center, but the process is designed to accommodate everyone. There are countless ways of engaging without posing a risk factor. It’s the job of the facilitator to bring those ways and people together for a wonderful, magickal experience. A Moksha Session is not about shame, blame or guilt; it is about you being willing to be loved and accepted as you are.
Q: Could the Center stimulate himself/herself?

A: A Moksha Session is about raising sexual energy to create Magick. While the essential definition of a Center is as a receiving vessel to build that energy, YOU the Center, are the one in charge of who provides the stimulation. Self-stimulation is one form of the Self-expression of your Divine Essence. Some of the underlying [yet unspoken] tenants of Moksha Magick are Liberation, Empowerment, and Self-Expression. Self-Stimulation is a perfect fit.

[See more on Solo Moksha Magick Sessions below …]

Q: Is it okay if a male center never gets an erection?

A: One of the things we Moksha Magick practitioners leave outside the door is our ego. It’s amazing; some of the most dynamic orgasmic releases witnessed from a male, have been without an erection at all. While the Moksha experience is not about the orgasm, it is about the release of wonderfully built up energy. An erection could be part of that, but it is far from necessary or even anticipated.
Q: Is it okay if a female center does not classically “orgasm?”

A: The mundane expectations we place on ourselves do far more harm than good. Moksha Magick never was about getting a woman off in a manner that she erupts all over the table with blood curdling screams of raptured ecstasy. Some women experience that at times, and yet, not at other times. The release of energy can rise like opening a gentle bubble
​of loving peace. Be there any amongst us that would not embrace the healing capacity of loving peace? 

As an expression of our Divine presence, gentle energy is every bit as powerful as explosive energy; and both are perfect. Never force it … let it make Magick as it will, it’s always perfect.

Q: Is it appropriate for an energy-sensitive Stimulator to draw upon the energy directed by the Moderator and the Ground and bring them into the physical act of stimulating?

A: Quite simply, it’s not only okay, there are often small group sessions [or even couples] in which that is exactly the needed skill. Anything done by a Stimulator within the guidelines to enhance the energies is perfect.
Q: Will the group be negatively affected if one of the participants has a lot of negative energy?

A: That can vary. If a person is simply being an absolute asshole, the answer is yes. It becomes quite okay to ask that person to leave. Past experiences with this person will dictate whether asking them to leave is a singular request, or a permanent group request.

If a person is experiencing an overload of negative energies, it can alter the direction of a Moksha Session but not in a negative way. We gather to create Magick, Magick to Heal, even negative energies.

We welcome any and all comments, questions, and dialog
to encourage everyone's deeper understanding.
Guru Jah here ...
Q: What makes Moksha Magick different from other forms of sex magick, especially between couples or solo?

A: Moksha Magick incorporates the Divine Essence of all the participants and embraces that in a state of Oneness, which not all Sex Magick groups do. Short of the role of facilitating a session, the hierarchy of “experience” as a practitioner becomes irrelevant. We are all equal in the roles we choose to embrace for a session; there is nothing elitist about it. Moksha Magick is also specifically about healing the needs of the people. “Normal” Sex Magick can have intentions in ego-driven directions dependent upon the group. Furthermore, Moksha Magick is open; we are live, visible, and attainable.

As for couples [including triads or more], Moksha Magick brings a unique perspective to our otherwise more mundane human sexual experience. It begins a shift in our consciousness on many levels. We begin to experience our partners as Divine Beings in a shared experience of intentionality. Because of the healing nature of Moksha Magick, the outcome aids to heal the individual needs, and, the relationship dynamics.

A “solo” Moksha Magick experience is highly recommended.
​Along with the common ritual elements, setting an initial
​intention to harness and unite our sexual expression with our Divine Essence creates a powerful personal transformation. 
It elevates and enhances our sexual expression and sexual experience in life. By doing this, we bring forth a far more healed, and powerful sexual sharing with others of choice. We will even attract greater sexual expression into our lives in rewarding ways.
Of course people have Questions about Moksha Magick. Curiosity is a natural part of our growth and development. Furthermore, especially around sexuality, people have fears and concerns; it’s all okay.
If you are okay committing yourself to a phone call
​or email, we will be able to address that inquiry much quicker. We always hold any contact information in strict confidentiality. The number one tenant or rule
​in Moksha Magick always has been, and always will
​be, “The safety and comfort of everyone involved.”
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Q: Is it okay if I do not want to be naked or physically sexually involved?

A: What a Blessed question. Why but of course. The Moksha Magick practice is about raising sexual energy as the tool to create Magick; and it’s a powerful tool at that. But, it is far more important that a practitioner bring to the Moksha table their intent for honoring the Divine healing experience of someone’s needs than anything else. Clothing or physical sexual abstention have nothing to do with that gift of presence. So yes, please bring your intentional Divine Loving Self to aid us all.

Q: Is it okay for me to feel aroused if I’m not the Center?

A: It’s ironic in a way, outward sexual arousal is seldom seen through anyone else but the Center, yet it’s perfectly natural. Arousal from the healing energies raised is in fact a component that started the Moksha Magick concept in the first place. The Founder of Moksha Magick seldom tells the story anymore, but part of coming into the Moksha Magick creation was a confused Reiki student with exactly the same concerns. He was aroused while giving Reiki. Divine energies are sexual in the manifestation of anything, and, they are healing. 

Being aroused during a session actually conveys a more integrated presence of one’s humanness and Divinity. 
​A practitioner needs to remain within the specified guidelines, but being aroused can only add to the
​energy raised. So yes, it is more than okay; it is
​a perfect component to bring forth.
Q: What should I do if I am feeling anxious, depressed, tired, scattered, or just in “bad space”?

A: Show up! A Moksha Magick Session is the perfect place to aid in resolving that “bad space.” Sometimes the entire session ends up directed toward healing that space, even to the point of not engaging in a traditional Moksha Session at all. 

The Moksha Magick intent is always about healing something. Presenting your need to heal that “bad space” is a gift to everyone there, and we are grateful. The Magick of healing is not one-sided. When we help you, we are really helping ourselves too. It is all in understanding that sacred space of Oneness.

If you have a question that you would like answered here on this page, simply leave it in the comment box below. If you do not notify us that you have left a question, we may not see it for some time, but be patient, we will check for questions on occasion.
You may phone Guru Aum Jah  @ 813-704-8949
Or email via our “Contact Us Page”
No question is ever wrong, bad, or stupid. Every question deserves an answer.

Guru Jah here …
Moksha Magick Training Availability

While the common Moksha Magick experience is within a group of practitioners, we do offer both individual and couples only training. Rates vary dependent upon location and the number of people we will be training
​in that session.

Additional information is also available at: The Temple of Devine Ecstasy
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To arrange Moksha Magick Open Road Training
Contact Guru Aum Jah here ...​

Moksha Magick for Couples
Moksha Magick for Individuals

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